March 18, 2019 Part Two of the Epic Science Fiction/Fantasy Film March Madness Showdown

Every March, there is a basketball tournament that I never watch. To celebrate said tournament, I—the Thunderous Wizard (@WriterTLK)—and a special guest co-host filled out i09's Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy film of the last decade bracket. Going matchup by matchup, we broke down who we chose and why, eventually crowning an overall winner per region.

In this episode—the second of two—we discussed the right side of the bracket (the number one seeds were Arrival and Attack the Block). We also dove into the Final Four and crowned an overall champion. 

Unlike the other half of the bracket, this side saw some real deviation in our picks.

As always, hit us up on Twitter (@HopsandBOFlops) to tell us why you agreed/disagreed with our choices or to even just continue the debate!

This special, and impromptu, two-parter was one wild ride!